What do participants say?

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Contact us

Nikolaj Knude Hansen, Aleksandra Natalia Jensen, Programme Coordinators

Mail: hostprogramme@odense.dk

Zarko (Career mentee)

“For me it is interesting to learn how people and architects work here. My mentor is giving me useful knowledge. Even if it doesn’t give me a job in the end, it is useful information I didn’t have before” 

Mahdi (Career mentee)
“It is like searching for a door and no one tells you if you are going in the right direction. Now I know that I was going in the wrong direction and that I have to change it. It is about knocking the right door” 
“Odense Host Programme is really professional. At the first meeting, my mentor and I talked for nearly two hours. Just topics coming and suddenly we ran out of time. Because my mentor is the best match and we understand each other. It was really exciting that after one year I found someone who understands my language”

Oana (Career mentee)
“In my case, the programme offered me exactly what I needed, a personal mentor who can advise me according to my individual case, my knowledge, experience etc. With the help of the programme, internationals gain knowledge about the Danish job market, Danish culture, companies that might interest them, better ways to apply for jobs, how to expand their network etc. Things that make finding a job much easier.”

Diana (Career mentee)
“I was so focused on working as a translator, although I knew that it would take me at least five or six years to get there. But ever since I got in touch with my mentor she actually opened new doors for me. She made me realize “okay you are a translator, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to work as a translator”. There are other opportunities for me here”. 

Lydia (Culture mentee)
Friendly, positive and international-oriented programme, which is putting a lot of focus on everyone participating feeling safe and happy. Wonderful idea, wonderful execution"

María (Career mentee)
“The programme has been a very helpful tool to start being professionally active in Danish society. I have had the opportunity to show my skills through concrete projects that I got to do thanks to my mentor´s network. Overall it is a programme with good intentions and it is very useful for internationals in Odense"

Sonja (Career mentee)
“I think it's a good initiative and I would recommend it to others. I think that meeting with an individual rather than as part of a group in a job workshop allows for a much more personal, tailored experience than what you would get otherwise"


Cornelia (Career mentee)
“I think it is a very nice initiative for foreigners, especially for the ones that want to live in Odense. Through this program people have the chance to understand better the job market related to their field.”

Joana (Career mentee)
“Odense Host Programme was well organized. The mentor they found for me was very nice and her job was related to the type of job I was looking for. The organization schedules evaluations periodically and at important points of the 'journey'. Overall I am impressed with the idea and the structure built to start the programme.”