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Find answers to common questions asked in Odense Host Programme

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Contact us

Nikolaj Knude Hansen, Aleksandra Natalia Jensen, Programme Coordinators


1. What if I experience any difficulties?

2. What topics can I discuss with my mentor?

3. How do I get my education recognized in Denmark?

4. Where to find job advertisements?

5. Where can I meet other newcomers?


1.What if I experience any difficulties?

You are welcome to contact us at any point of time during your participation in Odense Host Programme. We will always ensure you either get help or get referred to the right place where you can get help.

2. What topics can I discuss with my mentor?

You are free to discuss any topic which you and your mentor believe will optimize your job search. We have gathered a list of topics which you can use as inspiration:

  • In what ways does Danish work culture differ from my country’s work culture?
  • What is my current job strategy – and how can it be optimized?
  • Unsolicited coffee meetings – how to approach the companies?
  • How to network (professionally) in Denmark
  • The unknown strengths of the CV – should I include hobbies and activities I do outside work?
  • How can I improve my CV?
  • How can I improve my writing style in the application?
  • I have found a company/position which I want to apply to – how do I go around it in the smartest way?
  • How did you (the mentor) successfully pursue a career in the field?
  • What are the NO-GO (small letters) in CV, cover letters and interview situations


3. How do I get my education recognized in Denmark?

The Danish Agency for Higher Education provides assessments of foreign qualifications according to Danish standards. It is free of charge, and can be used for admission to higher education, authorization etc.

For more information visit ufm.dkThe Danish Agency for Higher Education.



4. Where to find job advertisements?

Most job advertisements are posted in job databases. There are a lot of different types of job databases, yet most of them fall into the following categories.

We recommend you optimize your job search by researching what job databases are relevant for you and the field you want to work in.


5. Where can I meet other newcomers?

International Community Odense is a network for internationals in Odense. Throughout the year, you can participate in a range of events and activities where you can meet people from all over the world. It is a perfect opportunity to share experiences and expand your social and professional network in Odense.

Make sure to ‘like’ International Community Odense’s Facebook page for updates on upcoming events or sign up for a monthly newsletter.

The host programme team also arranges events of particular relevance to the participants of Odense Host Programme.

If you have a good idea for an event that is relevant to Odense Host Programme, please let us know and we will try to help you arrange it.