Become a mentee

How to become a mentee: A three-step process

Introduction courses prepare all participants prior to being matched with a mentor.
Contact us

Contact us

Nikolaj Knude Hansen, Aleksandra Natalia Jensen, Programme Coordinators


Step 1: Get in touch with us

Send us an e-mail with the following information:


Step 2: Fill out a profile form

We will send you a profile form which we ask you to fill out as detailed as possible. By completing the form you sign up for the host programme.

We will assess your registration based on the profile form, in which you will state your needs and motivation for participating in the host programme. If we find your profile suitable, we will use your profile form as a basis for finding the right host for you.


Step 3: Attend a two hour introduction course

We will invite you to an introduction meeting before you get matched to ensure you know how to continue from here. Some of the topics covered at this introduction meeting are:

  • What is expected of me
  • What can I expect of my mentor
  • What to do if I encounter any challenges
  • Things and activities to do with my mentor
  • Suggestions on how to approach the job search