Odense Host Programme

Mentor programme connecting highly qualified mentees with local mentors

Contact us

Contact us

Nikolaj Knude Hansen, Aleksandra Natalia Jensen, Programme Coordinators

Mail: hostprogramme@odense.dk

Odense Host Programme is a host programme which matches international newcomers with a local volunteer host who speaks Danish and knows the local community and job market. Meetings with a host will help you get a good start on your life in Odense.


Odense Host Programme offers two types of mentors: A career mentor and a cultural/social mentor.


A career mentor will help you enter the local job market. The mentor is handpicked according to your profile and needs. Typical career mentor activities are:

  • Feedback on CV and applications
  • Advice on job search strategy
  • Discussing your career ambitions
  • Opening up his/her network to you
  • Showing you around on his/her workplace


A culture mentor will help you enter the Danish city life socially and culturally. The mentor is handpicked according to your interests and needs. Typical culture mentor activities are:

  • Help you find and use the city services, such as libraries, parks and museums
  • Help you become familiar with Odense
  • Help you expand your social network
  • Or simply sharing a cup of coffee


You will be matched for a period of six months where you will meet at least six times. The programme is free of charge.