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Holiday pay

Make sure you know your holiday entitlements and how to claim your holiday allowance. .

As an employee in Denmark you are entitled to five weeks of paid holiday a year. This entitlement takes effect once you have completed a full year of work before the beginning of the holiday year. The holiday year in Denmark runs from 1 May until 30 April.

The qualifying year for holiday pay runs from 1 January until 31 December. For every month of work undertaken during that time, you are entitled to 2.08 days of paid holiday. This means that even if you have not completed a full year of work prior to the holiday year beginning, you may still be eligible for some days of paid holiday. 

If you have not earned any paid holiday, you may still take up to five weeks of holiday a year. Any unearned days off, however, will be unpaid holiday.

Holiday pay

If you are entitled to paid holiday and receive a monthly salary, then you will continue to receive your salary during your vacation days. If you are paid by the hour, however, your employer pays your holiday allowance to Feriekonto once every quarter. You can then apply to receive your holiday allowance from Feriekonto.   


New Holiday Act from September 2020

A new holiday act will take effect on September 1st 2020. The new act entitles employees to 25 days of holidays with pay.  Under the current system of staggered holiday, entitlement to holiday with pay accrues during the calendar year, but the holiday can only be taken from May 1st the following year.


The new holiday act introduces the system of concurrent holiday: the holidays accrue on an ongoing basis and can be taken as soon as they have accrued. Under the new holiday act the holiday year begins on September 1st and ends on August 31st the following year. The holiday taking period runs from September 1st to December 31st the following year.


The transition scheme will run from January 1st 2019 until September 1st 2020.

If you change jobs, your right to holiday pay comes with you.

If you move to another country, your holiday pay can be paid out to you before you leave.

More detailed information about holiday pay and how to claim your holiday allowance can be found at Life in Denmark.