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Childcare in Denmark

Childcare is given a high priority in Denmark. All children are guaranteed a spot in a daycare institution, although it can take up to two months for a spot to be secured. Childcare is financed partly by the family, and partly by the municipality.


0 - 3 years old


Daycare centres in Denmark are run by the municipality and employ professional staff. Daycare centres are usually open from 6:30 until 17:00, although this can vary.


Nurseries (Vuggestue) are for children between six months and three years old.


Daycare (Dagpleje) is also for children between six month and 3 years old and the child is cared for in a private home by a childcare provider, who is hired by the municipality.


Find detailed information about public daycare in private homes (dagpleje) in Odense here.


Private daycare providers

It is also possible to put your child in private daycare (privat dagpleje). In this instance your child is cared for in a private home by a child care provider who is approved by the municipality. If the childcare provider is self-employed, then you are required to pay the daycare provider in full by the end of every month. The municipality will then provide you with a supplement, which is paid directly into your Easy account (Nemkonto). Please find information about supplement offered by Odense municipality here.


You can find a list of private daycares in Odense here (in Danish) and here (in Danish). There is also a Facebook group for private daycares in Odense.


3 - 6 years old

Kindergarten (Børnehave) is for children between three and six years old. A number of schools also offer after school programmes (Fritidsordning/SFO) for children between the ages of six and 10. Contact your child’s school to find out more about the programmes they offer.


How to apply?

In Odense, the municipality offers guaranteed childcare. You apply for a referral to a nursery, daycare, or kindergarten online at the City of Odense's website (in Danish). Please contact our Newcomer Service if you need help with filling out the application.

Have a look at a map of daycare institutions in Odense here.

As of 2019, the monthly rate for childcare is:

Type of daycare


 Public daycare in private homes (Dagpleje)  2 742 DKK
 Nursery (Vuggestue) 0-3 years


 0-2 years and 9 months: 
 3 169 DKK
 2 years and 10 months: 
 1 830 DKK


 Kindergarten (Børnehave) 3-6 years

1 830 DKK

 After school (Fritidsordning/SFO)


 07-08 o'clock:
 389 DKK

 14-16:45 o'clock:
 1 796 DKK

 07-16:45 o'clock:
 2 184 DKK

Sibling discounts are offered. Prices for private daycare are individual.

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