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Find the right childcare option for your family.


Childcare is given a high priority in Denmark. All children are guaranteed a spot in a daycare institution, although it can take up to two months for a spot to be secured. Childcare is financed partly by the family, and partly by the municipality. 

Daycare centres are usually open from 6:30 until 17:00, although this can vary.

Types of childcare:

Nursery (Vuggestue)

Nurseries (Vuggestue) are for children between six months and 2 years and 10 months old. A nursery looks after larger groups of children.

Childminder (Dagplejer)

Childminder (Dagplejer) are also for children between six month and 2 years and 10 months old and the child is cared for in a private home by a childcare provider, who is hired by the municipality. A childminder looks after 4 or 5 children. Find detailed information about public daycare in private homes (dagpleje) in Odense.

Kindergarten (Børnehave)

Kindergarten (Børnehave) is for children between 2 years and 10 months and six years old.

Combined nursery and kindergarten (Integreret institution)

In a combined institution (integreret institution) the nursery (vuggestue) and kindergarten (børnehave) is found on the same location. This means that the children between 0 and 6 years of age attend the same institution but are divided in groups according to their age and maturity.

Private childcare

Your child can also attend a private childcare institution. A private daycare may be a childminder (dagpleje), vuggestue (nursery), børnehave (kindergarten) or a combined nursery and kindergarten.

Private childminder (privat dagpleje): In this instance your child is cared for in a private home by a childminder, who is approved by the municipality.

You can find a list of private childminders in Odense here (in Danish) and another list of private childminders here (in Danish). There is also a Facebook group for private childminders in Odense.


Private nurseries and kindergartens: See the list of private daycare centers.

Map of public childcare institutions in Odense

Have a look at this map of daycare institutions in Odense.

How to apply?

You apply for a referral to a nursery, childminder or kindergarten online at the City of Odense's website (in Danish). Please note, that you and your child needs to have CPR numbers in order to apply for childcare. Please contact our Newcomer Service if you need help with filling out the application.

In Odense, the municipality offers guaranteed childcare. The childminding guarantee ensures that your child will receive a place within 2 months of signing up on the guarantee list. 

If you wish for your child to attend a private daycare you need to contact the institution directly. Private daycares administer their own waiting list and have their own criteria for admission. Therefore, the municipality cannot allocate a place in a private daycare.

Cost of childcare services

As of 2021, the monthly rates for public childcare institutions are:

  • Childminder (Dagpleje): 2 841 DKK
  • Nursery (Vuggestue): 3 234 DKK
  • Kindergarten (Børnehave): 1 815 DKK
  • Lunch scheme (Frokostordning) only in institutions with lunch scheme: 616 DKK

Sibling discounts are offered.

You pay for public childcare services 11 out of 12 months a year (the month of July is free, due to summer holidays).

Prices for private childcare institutions are individual.