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Waste and recycling

Wondering what to do with your household waste? Here is a brief overview of the waste and recycling system in Odense.

Household waste collection

Household waste is usually collected every other week in standard bins provided by the Odense Waste Management Company. A calendar with the dates of collection is sent to each household every year and it is up to the household to ensure that waste is placed by the kerb for pickup on the appropriate date.


Paper and cardboard

Each household also receives a separate bin for recyclable paper such as newspaper, magasines, envelopes, etc. Cardboard that is small in size can also be placed in the paper bin. Large pieces of cardboard can either be dropped off at a recycling station or ordered to be picked up separately as bulky waste. Wrapping paper and paper that has come in contact with food, such as milk cartons and pizza boxes, cannot be recycled. 
Recycled paper is collected once a month alongside household waste. Dates for pickup are specified on the calendar for household waste collection.  

Glass, cans and bottles

Glass can either be recycled at the Odense recycling station or at one of the many containers for glass placed around town. You can search for the container closest to you here (in Danish). 

Cans and plastic bottles with the 'pant' symbol on them can be returned to returning stations usually located at grocery stores. The money from the bottles and cans, indicated on the receipt you receive, can be redeemed at the store where the bottles and cans are returned.

Make sure to wash out all glass, bottles and cans before recycling them.

All other types of waste and recycling

All other types of waste or recyclable material can be taken to one of the eight recycling stations in Odense. A list of the different stations along with opening times can be found here (in Danish). A list of the various sorting containers located at the recycling stations can be found here (in Danish).

If you have bulky waste that you are unable to transport to one of the recycling stations, you can contact the Odense Waste Management Company and set up a time for the bulky waste to be picked up. The order form is available here. You can set up to six bulky items out for pickup at a time, and use the service for up to two times a year. You must label each item with a tag, so that the team coming to pick up your waste knows what to take.

Read more about the Odense Waste Management Company. A comprehensive overview of the recycling system in Odense can be found on the Danish version of the company's website.                 
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