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International networks

Get connected and take advantage of some of the many international networks here in Odense. .

International networks

Connecting with other internationals is a great way to meet new people and to exchange experiences with others with similar backgrounds or interests. There are a number of international networks in Odense that cater to different groups and offer a variety of activities. Take a look and see if there is one that is of interest to you!

Internationals in Odense Facebook group

The Internationals in Odense Facebook group is a forum for internationals living in Odense to share stories, ask questions, and make connections. 
Search for the group on Facebook.


University of Southern Denmark International Club

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) International Club is run out of SDU’s International Staff Office. The club arranges a number of social and cultural activities for internationals each semester. 
For information about upcoming events, visit the SDU International Club website.



AIESEC is a non-profit international organization established in 1948 and now present in 125 countries. For students in Denmark AIESEC offers international paid internships, conferences and volunteer work abroad. For companies AIESEC offers HR solutions, including access to qualified and motivated interns, as well as branding opportunities and strategic partnerships.


The local committee of AIESEC in Odense - AIESEC in SDU is based at the University of Southern Denmark. For more than 40 years AIESEC in SDU has provided Danish IT companies with talented and motivated young people from across the globe. Today trainees work in companies such as TV2, Fynske Medier, Blue Ocean Robotics.

Find more information about AIESEC here.


International Rotary Odense

Odense International Rotary Club is a business network that offers individuals the opportunity to meet new people from a variety of backgrounds and professions, share ideas, and expand their network while supporting international and local projects. 

For more information about the Odense International Rotary Club, visit their Facebook page or the International Rotary Odense website.


The Danish Church's Cross-Cultural Network

The Danish Church's Cross-Cultural Network (Folkekirkens Tværkulturelle Samarbejde i Odense (FTS) offers a number of activities, support, and social events aimed at immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and others from around the world. The network focuses on promoting cross-cultural understanding, friendship, and respect. Amongst the services and activities offered are international church services and church services in English, a language café where people meet daily to practice Danish, and a women’s group that meets once a week. 

For more information, including a full list of services and activities, visit the FTS website.


US Women's Club of Fyn

The aim of the US Women’s Club of Fyn is to strengthen contact amongst Americans in Fyn, share American holidays and traditions, and provide support to English-speaking newcomers. The club arranges a number of activities throughout the year, including book groups, play groups, and luncheons. While many members of this club are American women, you do not have to be American to join. 

For more information, visit the US Women's Club of Fyn website.


Expat in Denmark Facebook group

Expat in Denmark is the official national network for foreign professionals in Denmark. The network aims to help both companies hiring foreign professionals and foreign professionals themselves in Denmark, and hosts a number of social and professional events throughout the country. 
Visit the Expat in Denmark Facebook group.