Learning Danish

Take advantage of language courses for internationals.

Learning Danish is key to integrating into Danish society and will also help you on the job market.


Apply for Danish language courses

Lærdansk Odense, in agreement with City of Odense, gives language courses to adult internationals in Odense and in a number of other municipalities on Funen. You need to have a CPR number in order to be referred to a course.


Once you have registered in Odense and received your CPR number, you will receive a referral from the municipality.

Please contact Lærdansk Odense no later than 30 days from receiving the referral from the municipality. Fail to do so and the first voucher will automatically be activated and time will start counting.


For more information about the courses on offer, visit Lærdansk Odense.

For further information, please contact Lærdansk Odense  +45 63 13 63 13 or by e-mail odense@adm.laerdansk.dk.



The course fee is 2,000 DKK per module.This user fee is determined by governmental regulations and is only a partial payment for the Danish language course - the rest is paid by your municipality. Payment is required to begin every module.


In addition to the course fee you must make a 1,250 DKK deposit. The deposit will be fully refunded when you complete or interrupt your Danish Education. You will receive further details about payment when you sign up for your Danish Education.


If you speak a little Danish you can join the free and flexible Danish courses (FVU) where focus is both on spoken and written language. Please find more information here.



Danish language course for accompanying partners

Lærdansk Odense offers tailor-made courses for accompanying partners several times a year. The courses consist of free FVU education, which is later followed by a Danish language exam and – if you wish to study further – paid education. Please contact Lærdansk Odense for more information.

Tietgen Kompetance Center offers FVU-start: For spouses - a flexible training focusing on oral Danish, team and work culture.

The course is free of charge, however, you must understand Danish at a basic level and have a CPR number. Please contact Tietgen Kompetence Center for more information about the course and how to enroll.


Courses at Tietgen Kompetencecenter

Tietgen Kompetencecenter offers various Danish languages courses (FVU) for internationals in Odense, who speak a bit of Danish, free of charge. Find more information about there language courses here.

Interesed in learning Danish faster? Find information about intensive courses here.