Learning Danish

Take advantage of the free language courses for internationals.

Learning Danish is key to integrating into Danish society and will also help you on the job market. Luckily, as an international, you have the opportunity to take Danish lessons free of charge.

The Language Centre - Lærdansk

Lærdansk Odense, in agreement with City of Odense, gives free language courses to adult internationals in Odense and in a number of other municipalities on Funen. You need to have a CPR number in order to be referred to a course. For more information about the courses on offer, visit Lærdansk Odense.   



Free of charge.
According to the legislation you need to pay a deposit, which will be returned to you once you finish the course. Please find more information here.

Apply for Danish language courses

For further information and to apply for Danish language courses, call or email the contacts below and they will assist you.

Elin Topp Olsen, City of Odense
Tel: +45 63 75 66 56 
Email: dansktilbud@odense.dk

Britt Wiinberg, City of Odense
Tel: +45 63 75 66 53 
Email: dansktilbud@odense.dk