Denmark has a comprehensive healthcare system based on the principle of equal access.

Healthcare in Denmark is universal. Visits to the doctor's office, emergency wards, and public hospitals are free to everyone covered by the Danish health insurance system. Dental care, chiropractic treatments, and medical prescriptions are subsidised, while children under 18 are entitled to free visits to the dentist. Specialist consultations may also be partially or fully covered depending on the circumstances and provided that you receive a referral from your doctor.      

Health insurance card

Your health insurance card (sundhedskort), also referred to as the 'yellow card', is proof that you are covered by the Danish healthcare system. Your CPR number, name, and address are printed on the card, as well as the name and address of your doctor. You have to present your health insurance card whenever you attend an appointment at the doctor's office or the hospital. It is recommended that you keep your health insurance card on you at all times, as it serves as a primary form of ID. 

You choose your doctor when you register for your CPR number and health card at the International Citizen Service or Borgerservice


You can read more about the Danish healthcare system at and The Danish Ministry of Health brochure.

Are you expecting a baby or have small children? Find more information about pregnancy and giving birth in Denmark, and health guidelines for parents with small children by The Danish Ministry of Health.

Emergency numbers 

  • Call 112 for emergency assistance (ambulance, police and fire services).
  • Call 114 for general police assistance (non-emergencies).
When calling for emergency assistance, it is important that you speak slowly and clearly. You will be asked for your name, location, and phone number. Help will be sent immediately.