For accompanying partners

Take a look at some of the programmes and activities targeted specifically at accompanying spouses.

Spouse Consultant

Spouse Consultant

Kim Aunsbak

+45 40 29 63 31


Spouse Consultant

Spouse Consultant Kim Aunsbak can advise you on the Danish job market and provide assistance with the following:

• Clarification of job opportunities
• Where to look for open positions
• Guidance on how to make a relevant application and CV for the Danish job market
• Understand the Danish labour market
• Information about e.g.:
- Volunteering
- Entrepreneurship
- Social and professional networks in the area
• Help facilitating internship
• Contact to relevant companies
• Contact to Newcomer Service in the municipality


Spouse Café

Join International Community Odense´s Spouse Cafe. Spouse Café is an initiative for accompanying spouses and partners to meet, network and share experience of living in Odense in an informal environment.

We meet every second Tuesday from 11:00-13:00.  

Meet Kate Thulin, who moved to Denmark as an accompanying partner:

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