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Cost of living

While the cost of living may be high in Denmark, so is the quality of life.

Cost of living
The cost of living in Denmark is generally quite high and a family household normally consists of two incomes. Your cost of living will, of course, vary depending on your lifestyle and the size of your household.

Odense is generally less expensive to live in than either Copenhagen or Aarhus, as rent is typically lower.

Below are some examples of typical prices.
  • Rent of 2-bedroom apartment (including heat, electricity, water) per month: 5 000-11 000 DKK
  • Mobile phone subscription per month: 150-250 DKK
  • Internet subscription: 250 DKK
  • Bus ticket (one way): 24 DKK
  • Insurance (accident and personal belongings): 2 000 DKK
  • Bicycle: 1 000-6 000 DKK
  • Second-hand bicycle: 500-1 500 DKK
  • 1 liter of gasoline: 11 DKK
  • 1 month of gym membership: 200 DKK
  • Cinema ticket: 100 DKK
  • Eating out: at a café (1 person): 100-200 DKK
  • Eating out at a restaurant: 500 DKK
  • Coffee at a café: 30-60 DKK
  • Beer or soft drink at a café: 30-60 DKK
  • Fast food meal: 60-80 DKK
  • Litre of milk at the supermarket: 7-12 DKK
  • 500g of pasta at the supermarket: 8-12 DKK 

Estimated monthly expenses in total: EUR 1200-1700/month (9.000-12.000 DKK)

Take a look at Expatistan's list of prices in Odense for more examples.