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Learn what it takes to apply for a grant and organise an event.



Senior Consultant Julie Fink

+45 51 16 50 18



How do you apply?

To apply for the grant, you simply need to pitch your event idea for the team members of International Community Odense. 


Sign up for the pitch session 1st of October here

Deadline 26th of September


The pitch session will take place in Kulturmaskinen, Farvergården 7, 5000 Odense C between 14:00 and 19:00.
You will be assigned a 20 minutes slot to pitch your idea.


Who can apply?

Citizens and volunteer associations based in Odense Kommune. You need to be at least two persons involved in organizing the event.

The main applicant must have a CPR-number and a Danish bank account.


Which criteria should your event meet?

The purpose of International Week 2019 is to strengthen the international community in Odense and thereby make it attractive for highly skilled internationals to settle and live in Odense.

Your event should serve this purpose, but the content is up to you and your team.

The formal criteria for the event proposals are:

  • The event should take place in Odense on the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th or 14th of November 2019
  • The event should be open for public and have space for 30 participants as a minimum
  • The event should be non-profit and free of charge to attend
  • The event should be announced and executed in English
  • The event cannot have a religious or political content or purpose

In our assessment of the event ideas we will prioritize events that:  

  • Target international employees and their families 
  • Have an original concept and add something new to the event scene in Odense 
  • Have the potential to be repeated and further developed in the future
  • Offer ‘value for money’ - a great output with a limited budget
  • Contribute to a selection of diverse events during ’International Week’

Which expenses can be covered by the grant?

You can apply for up to 5000 DKK. The grant can be used to cover expenses related to executing the event.

You must be able to document all expenses with receipts presented to International Community Odense after the event.


What happens after the pitch session?


After the pitch session the event proposals will be reviewed by the team members of International Community Odense, and you will receive a response by email and e-Boks within three days. 

If your event proposal will be chosen and assigned a grant, you will receive a grant notification letter with relevant information on how to proceed. 

You will also be invited to an information meeting, where you will get important information about planning and execution of the event (details about marketing, accounting, etc). 

From here it is up to you to organize an outstanding event for the internationals in Odense! 

The team of International Community Odense can help with advice along the way, but it is your responsibility entirely to plan and execute the event. 

The events will be promoted on International Community Odense’s social media channels. 


What happens after the event?

After the event you need to do the accounts and report back to the finance department of Odense Kommune.
We will also ask you to fill out an evaluation form to reflect on the outputs of the events. 

All documents will have to be delivered to Odense Kommune within one month from the event taking place.  

International Community Odense
  • Skulkenborg 1, ground floor
  • 5000 Odense C
  • internationalcommunity@odense.dk
  • +45 2910 6276 / +45 5116 5018
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